Flash Butt Welding

The flash butt welding method is used in many applications for its productivity and reliability to achieve consistent welding results. Butt welding is one of the methods of resistance welding, where the energy transferred to the parts to be joined is mainly supplied by the heat of resistance of the parts themselves. The pieces of metal to be welded are set apart at a predetermined distance based on material thickness, material composition, and desired properties of the finished weld. Current is applied to the metal, and the gap between the two pieces creates resistance and produces the arc required to melt the metal. Once the pieces of metal reach the proper temperature, they are pressed together, effectively forge welding them together.

The Advantages of Flash Butt Welding

  • Top welding quality with metallically "clean" microstructure
  • Short welding times of only a few seconds
  • Little or no end preparation required
  • High repeatability of welding parameters due to well-proven technology
  • Effective control / Optional monitoring of welding parameters
  • Automatic adjustment of machine settings is possible in the case of hydraulically driven machines